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Top Qualities to Look For in a Pet Sitter

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If you're considering looking for a pet sitter but aren't quite sure what qualities to look for in a company or an individual, here are a few suggestions from the folks at Raleighwood Pet Sitting, who want to be sure you find the sort of pet sitter that will best accommodate both you and your pet.

*Make sure the pet sitter is bonded and insured. If your pet sitter is bonded and insured, you can take confidence in the fact that you will be protected, and so will your furry friend, if something goes wrong while you're away. Don't be afraid to ask the specifics of your pet sitter's insurance policy to know what protections it offers.

*Make sure the pet sitter has great recommendations. Someone who has used your pet sitter before can offer up his or her experiences with the person who will be caring for your pet as no one else can. If the person you call for a recommendation is vague or seems ambivalent, be cautious about hiring the sitter.

*Make sure the pet sitter has experience with your sort of pet. Especially if you own a unique or exotic pet, make sure your pet sitter is comfortable with providing care for the type of creature you love. From boa constrictors to hedgehogs, there are lots more types than cats and dogs and an experienced pet sitter will be better able to care for your creature if he or she has done this particular job before!

*Make sure the pet sitter is trained in basic healthcare. Ask about first aid training and under what circumstances this sitter will call the vet. Will he or she transport your animal for healthcare if need be? What will he or she do if you pet needs care after the vet's office closes for the evening?

*Make sure the pet sitter offers procedures with which you're comfortable. Ask questions related to the care and grooming of your pet, how often your pet will be walked, and your pet's feeding schedule so that you can be comfortable with the procedures the pet sitter will use while you are away.

*Make sure the pet sitter gets along with your pet, first. Sometimes personalities just don't mesh. Make sure your pet sitter and you animal get along before you leave. Ask the sitter to spend some time with your animal before you go, just to be certain.

Finding a great pet sitter, whether with Raleighwood Pet Sitting or another reputable company can be very rewarding. Ask the right questions and feel confident in your choice!

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