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Is a pet snake the right choice for you?

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Pet snake care is not as simple as one might think. There are several things to consider before purchasing a snake, including determining whether or not a snake is right for you or your family. You must also bear in mind that snakes have certain dietary needs, and they also require a special facility in which the environment can be regularly heated. It is important that you do plenty of research so that you can prepare yourself and your family for the responsibilities of pet snake care.

First it is good to know what type of snake you are buying to know what the best care for the snake is. You wouldn't want to purchase a snake without understanding such things as snake skin shedding or eating live prey. There are many different types of snakes and all of them require different care, including the heat and humidity in their tank, their diet and the cage size. Doing your homework before buying a snake is definitely recommended, as care responsibilities vary between breeds. For instance, ball pythons may require different care than coral snakes. Once you know what type of snake you want to buy it will be easier for you to take care of the snake.

Make sure that you set up the cage for the snake so that it resembles its natural habitat. Many snakes prefer the hot weather but there are some snakes that prefer the cold to the hot. You also have to take into consideration the aggressiveness of your snake so that you can fit the cage around it, by doing this it will be easier to maintain the cage and also to feed the snake.

Snakes are very primal in their nature, and there is no such thing as a fully domesticated snake. That's why it's important that you only feed your snake the food that it would naturally hunt in the wild. When faced with the option of live or pre-killed prey, it is a matter that you will have to decide upon yourself. Some snakes simply will not touch pre-killed prey, while others can learn to adapt to it. Feeding a snake live prey is definitely something you should prepare yourself for in the event that your snake refuses pre-killed prey. If you are able to use pre-killed prey, it is very important that you preserve the food either-usually in the refrigerator—sealed away from your family's food. You must also remember to keep your snake very well hydrated. You can achieve this by leaving a small bowl of water in the cage so that the snake can drink when it wants to. Also you have to keep a routine check on your snake to make sure that it does not catch any illnesses or that it is injured in any way.

If you've decided that you're definitely prepared for snake-care responsibilities, you can find pet snakes for sale in your local pet shop, on the Internet, or in the classified ads section of your local newspaper.

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