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Have you ever wanted to bring home a loving pet or have avoided going to a friend's in fear of an allergic reaction? According to petMD there are cats that are considered hypoallergenic. This means they have a lower chance or causing allergic reactions. Technically there is no such thing as a cat (or dog) that is 100% hypoallergenic but these breeds come pretty dang close. Here are some breeds of cats you can safely bring home with you allergies.

1. Devon Rex: This cat is very independent and great for busy working families. Thankfully this breed also sheds very little so you won't find obscene amount of hair around the house!

2. Cornish Rex: This breed of cat is slightly unusual thanks to its small size, egg shaped head, long legs, and large ears. This breed is very affection and full of energy allowing it to bond very well with its family.

3. Javanese: This breed of cat possess a high level of intelligence and tend to understand what its family may be saying to it. They tend to look you straight in the eye and respond with a meow; in fact this breed is well-recognized for its excellent communication skills. They are also loyal by nature and can be easily trained.

4. Sphynx Cat: Often thought to be hairless this breed of cat is actually covered with fine gossamer which can only barely be felt or seen. Because of this they are often compared to feel like warm suede. This breed is well behaved, full of energy, and a loving companion who will show off to keep attention.

5. Balinese: This breeds coat is of a silky nature with very minimal shedding. In fact this breed is consider to have the lowest shedding rate of all long-haired cat. This breed loves to speak and interact with humans and is ranked one of the most intelligent breeds of cats. It is also loved for its humor, good nature, and high energy. Getting along well with humans and animals alike is one of its strongest qualities.

6. Oriental Shorthair: This breed of cat is long and slender with large ears and almond shaped eyes. It is a member of the Siamese family however unlike the Siamese; the oriental shorthair comes in over 300 colors and patterns. It is less talkative then most but is still fond of chatting and is never too tired to start up a conversation. This cat loves to be the center of attention and will return affection tenfold to what it receives.

7. Russian Blue: The Russian Blue was named for its coat which is lavender at the base (root) which darken up to the tip which are a beautiful silver. Another unique feature is its mouth which people compare to a "Mona Lisa" smile. This breed can spend hours amusing itself and does not mind spending long period of time alone but will be just as excited when you return home. This cat is mature and well mannered but also very playful and love to chase after things.

8. Bengal: Although this breed isn't necessarily a lap cat, it does enjoy human company and will stay very close to its family. The breed especially loves the company of children due to its energetic nature and loves playing games.

9. Colorpoint Shorthair: This breed of cat is a first-cousin of the Siamese. It is very outgoing, loves to chat and make friends, and will shower its owner with love. This breed is also very sensitive to a person's mood. It is known to comfort its owner when in tears.

10. Siberian: This breed has a lush double coat and although this may seem to a cat that may cause allergies, remember that hair is not what makes a cat allergenic. This cat is loving and affectionate and is known to carry very low levels or allergens.

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